“It’s your fault entirely; I’m holding you responsible for it. What do you suggest we do now?“
“Shut up and walk!”
“Why do I have to do everything you say?”
“Do as you wish then, I don’t care.”
“Don’t you have a conscience?”
“I don’t give a damn.”
“What about me?”
“Follow me or fuck you, you decide.”
“Where are we heading?”
“Shut up!”
“Why should I trust you?”
“Huh! Women… do or don’t, I don’t—“
“—care. We used to be friends.”
“That was then.”
“Real friends don’t lead their friends through mud storms on purpose.”
“You were only too willing to follow me.”
“Had I known where this would lead, I wouldn’t have.”
To be continued…


2 responses to “THE BEETLES’ STORY

    • Cheers Dennis… you’re the only generous soul to have a left a comment on this story so whether or not it’s because you’re generous, your comments is appreciated and loved to bits:)

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