THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 6)

“I was told you were hungry.  Would you rather eat or die in the mud?  Hurry, I’ve a family to feed up here.”

“Maybe your family could help?” Redbeet inquires.

“They’re too young and not strong enough.”

“You don’t look strong either; the more of you, regardless of size or strength, would ensure my safety.”

“They’re my kids.  I decide on their education.”

“You don’t like bugs.  We’re a different breed altogether.  That’s what it is.”

“Hey Redbeet!  You want our good friend Spidey to help or is this an argument for your own death?” an angry Shinybeet yells.

Spidey rolls its eyes up to the sky, in disbelief, losing his patience.

“You must be a tenth of my body size,” Redbeet continues, ignoring Shinybeet, “how on earth do you think you can pull this off?” she says to Spidey, defiant.

“It’s by the head or nothing,” Spidey maintains, matter of fact.

Shinybeet taps his foot on the ground, his hands on his waist.  He is ready to make a fast exit to the nearest bush.

“Ok, do it,” Redbeet finally decides.

There’s a strange sight happening in the jungle: an infinitely small spider has lowered itself to eye level with a red beetle stuck in the mud.  A shiny beetle is helping the almost invisible but strong-as-steel-spider-thread to be secured and attached around the red beetle’s neck.  The noose can’t be too loose and the red beetle mustn’t choke.  Spidey says to her:

“Hold your head backward until you’ve reached your destination.  It will ensure that it doesn’t go through the loop.”

“What is my destination?” asks Redbeet.

To be continued…


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