THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 8)

“The world is unfair,” Redbeet says, miserable.

“Shinybeet!  Could you ask your friend whether or not she wants to live?  I haven’t much time before I must go.”

“Stop your winging Redbeet and do as you’re told if you want to live, is that clear?” Shinybeet demands.

“Hey!  What’s this between you and Spidey?” Redbeet asks, “you’re different breeds remember?”

“Shut up or die!” Spidey answers.

And little by little, with accuracy, experience and knowledge, Spidey, who has climbed back to the top of the tree, begins his descent towards the ground as his thread tenses under Redbeet’s weight and stretches to its limit while Redbeet is lifted towards Spidey’s nest.

Soon the work has been completed and Redbeet is brought to safety.  Shinybeet climbs up the tree to join his friends.

“You’re out of that sticky mud now,” Shinybeet says, “happy?”

“Almost,” Redbeet snaps.

“What about thank you?” Shinybeet says.

“I might have transferred from one sticky situation to another.”

Spidey gives a knowing look to Shinybeet who blushes and winks in return.

“It’s time I went,” Shinybeet says to Redbeet.

“What about me?” Redbeet asks.

“I’m hungry,” Shinybeets answers, now an escape artist of some sort.

“WHAT ABOUT ME?” Redbeet reiterates.

“I’ll be looking after you from here on,” Spidey answers, signalling to Shinybeet that it’s time to leave.


To be continued…


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