THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 14)

But while Spidey Jnr. no seven is wandering the jungle in search of Shinybeet, and while his brothers and sisters are tending to the welfare of a young unpredictable cross-breed, Spidey believes it is time he had a meaningful conversation with Redbeet.  This conversation would balance and re-establish the natural ways and order expected in nature and in the jungle, at least in the way Spidey sees it.  After all, he thinks, not only are beetles incapable of honesty but the agenda of a beetle who has tampered with the laws of nature and given birth to a brood of mutants is that of a devil insect too.  To think that a beetle has mated with a member of the arachnid family is beyond belief.  The resulting cross breed is going to break havoc in the jungle by altering nature’s delicate balance of species.  It is more than any insect can bear, more than Spidey can bear, especially.  It is disgusting, profane and wicked too.  In fact, such foul deed must not and cannot be left unpunished.  Chaos, even in the jungle’s chaotically prone environment will not be tolerated.  Spidey is on a mission: he will put his name forward for the presidency of this section of the jungle with a plan to exterminate the unwelcome alien beetle intruders.

“Redbeet,” Spidey begins, with gentleness, polite and in a tone of voice so smooth and unlike what Redbeet has heard from Spidey so far that she recognises at once a shady and shoddy business deal is about to be mentioned and that her life and that of others depend on it.

To be continued…


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