THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 20)

To no avail, Spidey Senior’s latest strategy is thwarted by one humongous spider from the other camp who lands right here in front of Shinybeet and Redbeet.  It is a giant amongst them, one with hair standing on end, its front fangs shining and glistening with the deadly poison that covers them.

Spidey Jnr no twelve turns towards his Dad, expecting a different order, knowing already this battle cannot be won.  But Dad’s stare is a go-for-the-fight regardless, a definite all-war-and-no-surrender.

In less time than it takes a spider to weave a single thread, Spidey Jnr no 12 to 15 are overwhelmed, overcome and secured tight in the arms of the monster spider who then disappears up in the air with its young hostages, back to where it just came from.

As Spidey Snr tries to figure out where his four may have gone, several lots of spiders are now fighting.

Fortunately for Redbeet’s youngsters, a few days have been sufficient for them to have gained considerable strength to defend themselves, though not enough to overcome their deadly enemy who is desperate to neutralize them thanks to their trademark poison.  Redbeet’s brood isn’t trained to kill, nor has it got such an instinct for it, yet.

The army of big spiders has now completely descended upon them and in no time, all of them are securely tied up.

Then comes the giant spiders’ general, along with someone Redbeet knows all too well.  She reddens.  She is certain that everyone notices it.

“Is this the dubious insect you were talking about?” the General asks the spider at his side, his son who, having already glanced at Redbeet, avoids looking at her at all cost because he is embarrassed and ashamed of what is coming.

The General repeats: “Is this the despicable beetle you—“

To be continued…


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