THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 21)

But the General’s last words are lost to all when Redbeet’s children appear.  Both, the General and his son look at her in amazement, stunned.

“Let me introduce you to your father, children,” Redbeet says, now a proud mother.

“This is John, this is Paul, this is—“

“—There is nothing to discuss here,” Spidey interrupts, “we are ready and willing to fight till death ensues.  What are you waiting for?” he asks, unable to admit defeat, wanting to die on the spot and refusing to admit that Redbeet’s status might be improved by her children’s genes alone and that she may be able to look down on him.

“Take the prisoners with you!” the General orders impatiently.  Then his son joins him and whispers:

“Father, what are we to do with this she beetle and her kids?  None of them are mine, I swear.  I would never, ever be able to commit such foolish act and mate with such a low life insect.”

“Son,” the General answers, “each and every single kid from that she Redbeat bears the same birthmark as you have, the one under their left third arm, surely you noticed it?  It’s huge, there’s no mistake here.  I used to tickle you right there under that left third arm when you were young.  Look at them, never mind their unusual look, these are spiders all right,” the father insists.

“Father, why are you accusing me?  You have no proof.  You’re presuming I’m guilty when I’m innocent.  It should be the other way around.  We’re a team, you and I, aren’t we?  How can you be rushing to such a conclusion?”

To be continued…


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