THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 26)

Shinybeat, Redbeet and most of her brood, a large number of the giant spiders as well as Spidey and some of his children have been caught.  From their point of view, it is difficult to tell who has escaped.

It didn’t happen smoothly, as with all things that apparently fall from the sk.  Some insects, in the process of the boxes being lowered abruptly over them were squashed, some had theirs limbs cut off and some were cut in two.  Amid those who didn’t sustain terrible injuries or death were Shinybeet, Redbeet, Spidey and the General.  They had managed to survive because they were at the right place, at the right time, but just, only just, along with most – it is difficult to tell yet – of their children.

Now, under the boxes the air rapidly becomes hot, humid and difficult to breath.  Coughing and panicking soon take over but there are holes being arbitrarily distributed with a sharp object on the sides and top of the boxes to allow for light and air to travel through.  Then something slides under the box, collecting in its path, grass, weeds, branches, stones, beetles, spiders and mutants.  They are trapped for good, they are trapped forever.

None dare move and those who are still in the process of strangling each other or in the midst of some embittered and never-ending battle of their own, disentangle themselves from their deadly pursuits to watch-what-next, and not be caught unaware by an untimely death.

To be continued…


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