THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 19)

“Quietly spoken words have more effect on your enemy than a shouting match,” Redbeet maintains, trying to hide her own agenda from being discovered as best as she can. “Look at Shinybeet now, he’s simmering with anger,” she says, “can you see how he’s changed colour and how shinier he is?”

In a last attempt to divert attention, Redbeet then turns her back on Spidey and Shinybeet to go and look after her youngsters.

“Ahoy!  Spidey juniors, be warned!  There’s an army coming to visit ahead!” shouts Spidey, knowingly.  He is convinced that what he heard them say before was about treason.  This is definitely some political ploy on Redbeet’s part to distract the spiders from Shineybeet and save him for a reason he can’t yet explain…

Too soon, Spidey’s home is surrounded by an army of big, fat and hairy black monsters, marching fast, invading the red back spiders’ territory, a black veil being cast.  Though there’s no escape, surrender, in Spidey’s mind, is not an option.

He orders his brood in a square shape.

“Chin up juniors, we’re not defeated yet, we’ll show them,” he says fearlessly, instilling in his young the will to fight, infusing his pride and a thou-shalt-not-fear-pain-nor-death attitude that is bound to prevail.

“Take Shinybeet and Redbeet as hostages; be prepared to sting them, kill them or torture them till death ensues, on my order.”

The young spiders obey their father and surround Shinybeet and Redbeet.  But they’re not prepared for Redbeet’s brood to be protective of their mother.  Soon, fifteen young spiders are confronted by eleven spiders of a strange and alien mutant breed while a swarm of bigger, monstrous spiders watch, ready to pounce on them all.

Spidey yells:

“Spideys 1 to 11, attack your enemy!  Spideys 12 to 15, neutralize Redbeet and Shinybeet.

To be continued…


THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 18)

“No idea.  They said it would take two or three days at the most; that was two days ago, just before I got stuck in the mud and before they told me they’d get me out on the way back from their mission, and then Spidey Jnr. no seven arrived instead.”

“You’ll be dead by the time they get here.”

“Not if you help me gain some time.”

“You’re lying.”

“You know someone in the army that is coming.”

“Who?” Redbeet says, her face now almost purple.

“The father of—“

“—What’s this conversation about?  I thought you two had nothing more to say to each other?” Spidey interrupts.

Redbeet’purpleness is almost blue.  Shinybeet is shinier than he was a second ago too and looks as if he has reached a stage of self-satisfaction yet unmatched in his life.

“When is he going to be devoured?” asks Redbeet to Spidey, pointing at Shinybeet.

“Huh!” Spidey retorts, “you wouldn’t be that keen on seeing him tortured, would you?  One of your own kind?”

“I want to enjoy seeing him die slowly and observe how a redback’s poison takes effect.  I want to see and hear the pain he will endure.  Would you please, I beg you, let me watch this?”

“Sweet revenge, huh?”


“Well then, what were the two of you talking about earlier?”

“I needed to make a point,” Redbeet says,” to let Shinybeet know what a screwed up bastard he is.”

“You weren’t arguing.  You didn’t sound like you were arguing at all,” Spidey says.

To be continued…

THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 17)

Shinybeet blushes and stands on his remaining back legs as Redbeet, incredulous, looks at him.

“Mud huh?” she then sneers, deeply and thoroughly satisfied that she’s not the only one with a disability anymore.

“I’ll be damned!” Spidey says as he looks at Shinybeet and becomes aware of his condition.

“Wait till I get a chance to pluck each of your 15 children’s legs; you’ll know the meaning of damned then,” answers Shinybeet.

“Prepare him for dinner!” Spidey yells, furious.  “He’ll do.  He’ll compensate for leaving us to look after Redbeet and her ravenous children of the third kind.  Let’s hope his entrails will be tender to chew.

“That’ll teach you, bastard!” Redbeet states boldly in front of Shinybeet while Spidey gathers his family.

“What’s this about you giving birth?” Shinybeet asks Redbeet.

“Eleven of them and… you’re not the father,” she answers.

“I didn’t even brush past your wings, let alone touch you.”

“Just in case you thought you did it staring at me.”


“Never mind.  They’re nothing like you.  I had an affair with some hairy chap before I—“

“—Spare me the mundane and let me tell you this: I never for one second abandoned you.  I knew that you’d manage to survive until I’d come back.  I was on my way to get some help you, moron!” Shinybeet maintains.

“Yeah sure… prove it now or be ready to die!”

“There’s an army of black spiders heading this way,” Shinybeet says, lowering his tone so as not to be heard by the others.

“Are you serious?”

“Not less serious than your having an affair with some hairy—“

“—What type of black spiders?”

“Don’t know.  Their chief knows you.”

“How long before they’re here?”

To be continued…