THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 32)

Fortunately, Spidey hasn’t counted on one particular she-beetle’s thirst for things-to-be-fair and need-for-revenge-from-countless-humiliations.  Redbeet steps in, her now almost fully grown half-breed brood by her side, loyal, wanting nothing more than to get involved in a real battle.  They are willing to learn the tricks that will ensure their survival: how to fight, fly and win their father’s admiration.  But there’s more: they’ll make of their mother’s name, an honest and to-be-remembered name.

“Get you bastards out of my way!” the General shouts to Redbeet.

“My bastards are your bastards.  They deserve a fair father.  They’re young and they want to fight, can’t you see?”

“I shall not repeat it, get them out of my way!”

“Or else?”

“I’ll bite their heads off.”

“Ha, ha, ha,” Spidey can’t help himself.  For once, he has an idea of what is coming next.

“Children,” Redbeet says, “show your father what you’re made off.”

Redbeet’s brood, upon their mother’s command have no hesitation:  They’ll have their father contained, constrained and controlled until his conscience, should he have one, has him admit he is the legitimate breeder of their lot and that he’d better face up to it.  Why deny their very existence?  Should their gift be his shame?  If he ever thought that his strength as a leading spider was the ultimate gift to possess, then why did he show contempt for the laws of nature?  They’re his children and he will know it.  But for now, until such day when he becomes responsible and as far as his mutant children are concerned, he is just another soldier in the enemy’s camp: one that must be captured, his mind tenderly tortured and relentlessly nurtured until truth and peace are obtained.

To be continued…

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