THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 35)

Silence overtakes them and becomes all powerful, but not for long.

“Come out!  Come out, all of you!” Mado orders out loud.  “It’s safe now.  Your father can’t do anything against you or anyone, else my mother would—”

“—Shut up, Mado!” Dave interrupts, “we’ve got the picture.  Come on guys.”

The General’s children come out of hiding along with Spidey’s kids, as apparently, peace might be achieved.  Relief is in all the parents’ eyes.

“Children!” Spidey exclaims.

“Children!” the General exclaims.

“Dad!” they all say in a single and united voice.

Shinybeet is leading a group of unusually shy spiders and mutants who appear to be holding on together.  They’re holding arms, worse, they’re holding hands and they’re afraid.

At the sight of them, Spidey feels a conspiracy brewing and brings all his hands to his head at the same time only to fall backward into the sand, unable to walk, think or breathe.  He’s having an anxiety attack.  Over in the corner of the glass cage, the General is still hanging but his face is red for he is coughing and choking, out of disbelief.  As to Redbeet, she is basking in glory.

Shinybeet intervenes: “life must go on,” he says.

“Whose side are you on?” Spideys splutters.

“We’re old,” Shinybeet says, “we must make room for new generations.”

The General has become so agitated that one of the threads surrounding his fat, round body slides over on one side and the thread attaching him to the top of the cage unravels.  The General spins several times, falling until he reaches the sand, his legs still tangled.

To be continued…

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