THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 36)

In an astonishing tour de force, Spidey overcomes his own demons to attend to the General’s rescue by first removing the patch of web covering the General’s mouth.

“You’re a mate,” he says to Spidey who then also bites the threads attaching the General’s legs and body, their children looking at the two of them, shocked and frowning.

Shinybeet is about to speak up but some noise outside the glass cage stops him.  There are four bipedal creatures on the outside.  One of them is looking inside the cage, his nose flattened against it:

“George,” he says, “come and see.  These bugs are fantastic: I think they’ve already adapted to their new surroundings.  They’re very quiet and they stick in groups.  Look at the fat one over there,” he says, pointing at the General, “what a whopper!  He must have incurred a mutation.”

Inside the glass cage, the General has understood every word.  So have all the insects.

“I’m NOT a MUTATION!” the General yells, scurrying to check out on George’s face.

Georges comes closer and looks inside the cage too.

“Yeah,” he says, “that trip to India was worth it, bugs are fascinating.”

“But we don’t come from India,” Spidey blubbers, stunned by this revelation.

“Shhhh!” Shinybeet orders, now wise, “listen to them, we might learn more on why we’re here.”

“Only the weed was good,” Ringo says from the back of the garage, “we should have brought more with us and left the bloody bugs where they belong.”

“Shut up, Ringo!” Georges says, “If these insects understood, they’d have an identity crisis and you never know what they might do.”

“Georges, insects don’t have a sense of identity.”

To be continued…


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