THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 39)

“Get a life, Spidey,” Shinybeet answers, his eyes shining a new light, a new found strength, “you enjoyed what they were doing”.

“They were just showing off.  They wouldn’t be able to repeat it if they tried.  It’s as if I’d try to fly: I might jump higher in a once in a life time feat, but I wouldn’t be able to do it again.”

“The kids over there can do both” Shinybett insists, pointing at Redbeet’s children “they can design, produce webs and fly.”

“They’re freaks.”

“Those humans are different too.”

“You want us to breed with the humans, is that it?  Haven’t you noticed how large they are?  I don’t think Redbeet would hmm… unless one of us male bred with a female of the human species… if they exist.”

“Look Spidey, I realize you like science but I was only asking you if you enjoyed the music they played.  We could do with some of us playing music too, it would distract us.”

“Science has got nothing to do with it and since you can’t see things clearly, let me reiterate what I was trying to convey to you: I was talking about fucking with other breeds.  Haven’t we enough modified descendants among us?  Cross-breeding is illegal and must be stopped.”


Rebeet’s eyes shine.  Is that the Shinybeet she knew?  In her mind’s eye, he’s changed.  The recent upheavals in their lives has brought the best in him.  Could it be possible that he—“

To be continued…


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