THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 40)

“—Spidey,” Shinybeet continues, “you’re going to end up hanging in a corner till you beg to come down, just like the General earlier, if you continue like this.

“Look at you, you two-legged-freak, and how do you suppose you’re going to get me cornered?”

Shinybeet glances just once at Shinybeet’s kids.  They are watching him, guessing his intentions and they are more than ready and willing to make a move at the slightest hint from him.  Spidey sees it and recoils.  Shinybeet is finally free to give the speech he’s always wanted to give:

“Ahoy! Spiders, beetles, bugs and creatures of all sorts who are united here with me in this cage, in this garage, far from where we came from, wherever this may be, here is what I have to tell you:  we must be strong, we must forget about the past, live in the present and plan for the future.  We are fortunate to have lived through what we just went through and still be alive.  We are fortunate to be together and we are fortunate to have discovered that, despite being a mix of different insects’ species thrown together, we can not only live together, we can mix and match.”

“Huh! Mix and match?” the General snarls.

“Precisely,” Shinybeet continues, unflappable, “we can cross-breed without coming to harm.  In fact, as shown by the most courageous female beetle I have ever known, Redbeet here present—“

“—What is she to you?  And they’re not even your kids!” the General interjects.

“He’s in love with her!” Spidey yells.

“Shinybeet is the love of my life” Redbeet retorts loud and clear, her face once more as red as that of a red beetle can get.

“Fuck!  I didn’t see this coming,” the General says, walking to Spidey.

To be continued


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