THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 43)

“Oyee foolish beetles, angry spiders, abandoned children of all types!  Oyee, all!  We have incurred the Gods’ wrath by being thrown and confined into this glass cage together.  We have no choice but to learn to live together and support each other, we must and we can.”

Once more, his speech is marred by inevitable interruptions, because insects, like any other species, sneer, whistle, boo and squawk.  “What Gods?” some say.  “Not the ‘fucking yes, we can’ bit again”, other maintain.  “You blasphemous two legged ambitious idiot!” others retort, while some yell: “Free the insect world from oppression!  No rules, no cash, no power!”

As it is, Shinybeet is on a mission and just before another battle erupts, he steps in, bold and proud, two fingers in his mouth and whistling in a manner no beetle has ever done because beetles can’t whistle like that, until now that is.

“A roster is the best option,” he says, “to begin with, the different families and breeds will gather and stick together.  Then, all their children will be allocated to new groups to get accustomed and to adapt to the various ways of being.  It won’t be easy but this is the only way we can do this.”

“Some of us can’t fly, some of us can’t design webs, some of us can’t change colour, and some of us are too traumatised to think of ever breeding again… How do you think we can adapt?  Your speech is shit!”

To be continued…


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