THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 44)

“… Look at me you ungrateful dung beetle, LOOK AT ME!” Shinybeet yells.

Now he has everyone’s attention.  He can whistle and he can yell, oh boy he can yell.  In a jungle where eat or be eaten is the rule, his status is rising, rising, his power becoming stronger by the minute and, he might not turn out into just another leader, but a legend.

“…Look at me,” he repeats, gently now, looking into the eye of each and everyone in the crowd as if he knows them each personally and with great depth.  “I was once a normal beetle, one with parents and I was once lost in the jungle; then the laws of the jungle and chaos came together to make me what I am today, a handicapped beetle, but a loved one too.  Let us not reject our own children and deny their very existence,” Shinybeet continues, “let us not sin.”

“Since when did you not wish to mate with some spunky wandering female, Dude?” the General interjects, “You’re turning into just another hypocritical puritan, a perfectly uneducated bastard.”

But no one is willing to hear what the General might have to say any longer, be it right or wrong, and the desperately-hope-needing-crowd spits on their hands, arms or what remains of their limbs and begins to walk towards the General with the clear intention to mince him, crush him and have him disappear from the face of the earth altogether.

“STOP!” Shinybeet begs, “STOP!  Have mercy on him.  Let him live.  Let him learn from his mistakes and see through them.”

To be continued…


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