THE BEETLES’ STORY (…continued – Part 45)

“How could he ever learn anything?” the General’s mutated children ask about their father, “when he refuses to live among us unless he’s the commander of the entire ship?  He wants power, nothing else.  He’d rather die than become and behave like one of us, common bug or mutant.”

“Well, then,” Shinybeet answers, “do you agree that the General’s punishment cannot result in his death for fear he’d enjoy it and think of himself as a martyr and a hero?”

Now the crowd’s attention switches back to Shinybeet.  Punishment must be felt over a period of time for it to be effective.  Death is useless indeed, they tell themselves.

“Let him be,” Shinybeet insists.

“But how?” the General’s kid asks.

“Let him live amongst us, and that includes you.  You will teach him your ways.  I will personally look that you are supported by Spidey’s soldiers to teach the General a normal way of life.”

“I haven’t agreed to this,” Spidey interferes, “in fact, I agree with the General.”

“Army bug…” one of Spidey’s kids exclaim, appearing from behind a rock, “all they think about is war and blood baths.”

Spidey looks at his own kid in horror, instantly disowning him should he really be his kid.

The crowd looks at Spidey, in return, reflecting the same horrified look on their faces as that he has looking at his own child.

“Look at me, Dad, I’m Spidey Jnr. No 15.  You didn’t even recognize me or acknowledge my presence.  Aren’t you happy to see me?”

Spidey, by now, has covered his face with two of his hands.

“Look at me, Dad!”

To be continued…


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