“Capitaine,” Labaguette says at last, “there’s a king sitting on a chair.”

“We’d better get back; any king would send me to the gallows.”

“Fuck, Capitaine, are you man or wimp?”

“He might have an army.”

“He’s alone.  There’s only his coat covering the ground as far as I can see.”

“Kings are never alone.  I’ll stay here and wait while you go and see what’s up with this king and his furry kingdom.”

“Ai, ai, Capitaine,” Labaguette answers as he flies off towards the King.

This King is as large as a castle and as high as a hill.  Labaguette flies past the King’s nose.  This tickles the King who wipes his hand to catch Labaguette but the parrot is shrewd and avoids being caught.  Then, the King sneezes.

“Bless you, Sir,” Labaguette attempts.

“Haven’t you heard of protocol?” the King thunders.

“Bless you, your Majesté.”

“You come from a French Court?” the King asks.

“Where is your Court, your Majesté?” Labaguette replies.

“I’ve none,” the king answers, his eyes twinkling at the mere mention of the word ‘Majesty’, “I’m King of this planet.”

“You reckon this is a planet?”

But the King remains silent.

“Your Majesté?”

“What else do you make it to be?”

This time, Labaguette doesn’t answer in case this is a trick to throw him and the Captain in some dark dungeon far away from Earth.

“Your Majesté,” Labaguette continues, “you got a cold?”

“You, flying by me… it sends universal dust flying around.  I can’t handle it.”

“Ai, Ai, your Majesté, I know about universal dust.

“What do you know about it?”

“It makes one blind, your Majesty.”

“You don’t seem blind, fool.”

To be continued…


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