“What tricks can you do you and your partner?”

“We can make you merry, Majesté.”

“Go get your partner and entertain me.  Don’t try and escape.”

“What would you do if I tried?” Labaguette asks.

“My fur coat will look to this.”

Well, Labaguette thinks, there’s no telling what a fur coat can do to a parrot and a pirate.  All the same, we’re stuck here and this King appears to mean his words, just as strange as they sound.

“Labaguette,” the Captain says upon Labaguette’s latest news, “I’m a pirate, and a good one at that, how could I entertain a giant King?”

“We must try Capitaine, he suffers a similar ailment to yours.”

“Is the King blind?”

“No, universal dust makes him sneeze and this is why our ship—“

“—Our ship?”

“—the ship hits the planet, because the planet moved sideways just as the King sneezed and as we were passing by it .”

When Captain Traumatic and Labaguette are back, the King is asleep.  Labaguette flies once more by the King’s nose.  This works: the King sneezes and wakes up.

“Have you no shame, parrot?  The King and I were asleep.”  Then he notices the Captain.

“What is your name?”

“Captain Traumatic, Your Majesty, to better serve you.”

“Captain Traumatic?” the King asks, amusement lines drawing at the corner of his mouth and his eyes as he wants to laugh.  But he is the King and he is in control.

“He can’t see you, Sir,” Labaguette “retorts, universal dust has made him blind.”

“And you’re not affected by it, bird?”

“I’m Paul-Henri Labaguette, Sir.”

To be continued…


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