As soon as the King tastes it, he drops to the floor and begins contorting, grimacing and expressing nothing but pain, holding his throat and thinking of nothing but death.

“You’ve poisoned me, you scoundrels!  I’m dying.  Fur Coat…”  A few seconds later, mirth appears on his red face.

“More!” he orders.  “Bring me more!”

There are three creatures, a human, a parrot and a King, all sitting on a ship named the Insatiable Princess.  They are sipping rum until one of them wishes to take a glimpse of the Universe atop this ships’ mast because he’s never been anywhere before and because he’s too drunk to think.  The Captain is singing a song and Labaguette, concerned, flies to the King who is climbing a mast.

“Your Majesté,” he says, “you’re not tied.  It is dangerous in your condition to—“

“—What’s that word you’re always using?  This ‘condition’?  I feel just fine.  Go away you stupid squawking bird!  Shoo!”

“Please your Majesté, it is not safe here.”

“Fur coat will catch me if necessary.”

“Just in case, Your Majesté.  Here, let me attach this rope around your ankle.”

But the King is angry at Labaguette.  He can’t and won’t be tied.  He snatches the rope from Labaguette’s beak, loses his balance and falls.

Labaguette squawks loudly.  The Captain tries to stand.  Now there’s a King insulting a small crew, hanging safe, a few inches from the floor, his foot having been caught in the rope’s unravelling.  A sail has come down and, with the weight of the King resting on the main rope, the ship has become unstuck.

To be continued…


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