“We’re moving,” Labaguette says, “we’re flying.”

Slowly at first, the ship slides underneath the planet and begins an unstoppable descent, dragging the planet with it.  How can the fall be avoided and stopped?  Why is a damned entire planet following them?  The king looks guilty; it must be his fault, Labaguette thinks.

“It’s your fault, you damned fucking lazy pirate!” the King says.

“My, O my! Fuck! Fuck, Fuck!” Labaguette repeats, neurotic as can be.

“Watch your language you, bird from hell!” the King continues.

“You’re no King!” the Captain exclaims.

The three of them have reached a point of no return.

“Fur Coat!” the King orders, snapping his fingers.

But Fur coat isn’t reacting.

“Do something, Capitaine!  Look where we’re going!”  Labaguette says as the ship is gaining speed with a planet on its trail.

So the Captain opens his dust inflated eye and sees.

Suddenly he is able to comprehend that Fur coat is the King’s soul mate, that the two of them have a skin deep connection.  The coat is protective of its king and will follow him everywhere.  The King is what makes Fur coat and a planet gravitate around him.  It cannot be stopped.

But the speed of the fall is increasing fast.  It becomes uncontrollable and every second that lapses renders their vertiginous fall more likely to end in disaster.

“We’re going to crash into tough universal dust, a ship or some planet and be squashed by that damned fucking planet of yours,” Labaguette screams.

To be continued…


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