“Who?” the King asks.

“Precisely,” the Doctor answers.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Labaguette asks.

“You’re welcome, very welcome,” the Captain continues, “I need a doctor.”

“Well guys, I’m Doctor WHO and I’m from the future.  I’m not supposed to be here but your ship was in the way as my time travelling device’s technology hasn’t quite caught up with progress and with what I want it to do.”

“Are you a messiah?  Can you cure my blindness?” the Captain asks.

“Err.  I just want you out of the way so I can carry on travelling.”

“Where are you headed?” the King asks.

“You might catch a cold like that,” the Doctor answers.

“And what have you got to say in your defence, dressed as you are in that strange attire of yours?” the King retorts.

“I haven’t time for your arguments,” the Doctor says, “I must press on.”

“If you can’t help us, we can’t help you.  Besides, you broke one of our masts,” Labaguette remarks.

“You take that box out of the mast, fix it and fix the Captain,” the King adds.

“Or else…” the Captain continues.

“…Fur Coat,” Labaguette adds.

“I’m sorry?” the Doctor says.

“My Capitaine has got vision,” Labaguette says.

“What are you on, you lot?” the Doctor asks, “other worlds are waiting for me.”

“Right now, we ARE your world,” the King commands, but he’s had enough of this nonsense and rolls his eyes towards the red phone box pinned to the mast as already, it is being slowly swallowed by Fur coat’s spreading tentacles.

To be continued…


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