“I get it,” a brave and understanding Captain says, “I may have 360 degrees vision, but I still have a glass eye.”

So the Doctor obliges and buzzes the Captain’s glass eye with his silver stick.

“You’re mistaken, you’ve just buzzed my glass eye,” the Captain remarks.

“It’ll take some time to get used to but for now, you’re advised to let the patch on until you can find the time to work it out because it doesn’t come with ‘how-to-use’ instructions.

“What are you hinting at?”

“O for heaven’s sake, just think: I’ve got two hearts, I was born like that and no one explained to me how to use them, they just function.”

“I used to have two eyes that saw the same thing but for the variation in angle.”

“No, I have two hearts and now you have two brains.”

Upon this revelation, a few seconds elapse in utter silence.

“Huh!” the King exclaims, “and you thought Fur Coat was strange.”

A single ‘fuck’ is all that Labaguette can yell, as he spins around in circles.

“Traumatic-tic-tic!” the King adds.

“Not funny!  Not funny at all!” the Captain says, “how am I supposed to use this second brain?  It’s not going to manipulate me is it?”

“The second brain is only here to help use your first brain better.”

“How so?”

“It’ll give you a new edge.  You now have a deep subconscious mind; your instincts will prevail over your thinking.”

To be continued…


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