“Traitors…” the Captain mutters, “I’ll get rid of them if I ever see them again… To think of all that I’ve done for the King,” he adds with bitterness.

“None of this would have happened had we not landed on the King’s planet.  Think: you’ve now got two brains and newly found abilities,” Labaguette says.

“I’m yet to find out exactly what my newly found abilities can do.  King or no King the Doctor might still have crashed into us and so far, all I can see is where we’re headed,” the Captain says: “and that is nowhere.”

Now Labaguette is impressed.  His Master, the Captain, would never have been able to reason like he just did…

There’s a parrot and a pirate, all alone in the whole wide and wild universe, struggling to get by anywhere in any way they can.  There’s no way they can.  Nothing will come of them.  All is but despair and doom.  Yet, as they wallow in their misery, they realise that death might still be a worse option than their current fate and although food is scarce, rum is plentiful aboard the Insatiable Princess.  They might survive yet.  It is a wonder that they should have stocked on rum before the ship was even completed.  Such are Captain Traumatic‘s twistingly devious secrets: what better place than an unfinished and unbaptized ship to hide hard-won gambled and stolen rum barrels?

To be continued…


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