“I say,” Labaguette continues, “you’re are making sense for once, but not enough to say anything I wouldn’t expect.”  Then a rum bottle nearly misses smashing into his face.  It lands onto the deck and breaks into tiny pieces, its precious content spilling and dripping through the Insatiable Princess’ floor boards.

“Bless you, Insatiable Princess!” the Captain exclaims.

“What a waste, Captain!  To think you’re endowed with so much brain, to think you—”

“—More,” a deep, soft and spellbinding voice from beyond says.

“More,” it repeats.

“You back already King Krackskull?” the Captain asks.

“You’ve just baptised me,” the soft and echoing voice answers.

“You’re talking?” Captain Traumatic asks the Insatiable Princess.

“The earth is flat.  I can speak.”

“Why so late?  Why now?”

“You baptised me.”

“Well then, lead us back to earth.”

“I’m rudderless Captain, why rubbing it in?”

“Aw.  I just thought that… There’s nothing I can do about it.  Captain Blimey cut the rope during a battle, before you got a chance to get a rudder and be baptised for real.”

“Your baptising me earlier wasn’t quite real, was it?” she asks, despairing of being born, rightfully commanded and useful at last.

“Nah,” the Captain retorts, understanding that the Insatiable Princess may have needs too, “t’was an accident, but a very fortunate one,” he adds, avoiding any potential storm coming his way.

As things have it, the Insatiable Princess is travelling through freezing space matter.  The air they breathe crystallises in front of their very eyes.

To be continued…


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