At last, it seems that their cruise through the Universe’s straight, windy, upwards and downwards, spirally, sometimes freezing and sometimes hot pathways prove uneventful and quiet.  In all, their aimless wander through the stars last three hours – three universal hours – during which they yawn, whinge, yawn and whine more.  Three hours is sometimes short and sometimes long because three hours can last for three minutes or three centuries, depending on which part of the universe you live in.  Despite Labaguette’s unlimited imagination, despite the Captain’s newly acquired brain, words are no longer spoken between them except for the meaningless cacophony of their complaints.  But then, three universal hours (these are not too short or too long) is all that is needed before another mighty crash can be heard.  Beware the meaningless silence hidden behind words of nonsense.

“You morons!” a man dressed in a pale blue suit wearing a beret of the same colour exclaims, “did you not hear my horn?”

“I beg your pardon?” Labaguette exclaims as Captain Traumatic evaluates the extent of the damage.

“I’m not small, you could have swerved.”

“My friend and I were talking,” the Captain maintains, puzzled.

“Are you the leader?”

“I’m the Captain of the Insatiable Princess.”

“Could you tell me what you and your crew are doing in the middle of the Straight-and-Forward-Highway to Jimmy’s Town?”

“Highway?” Labaguette asks.

“Some sort of road or pathway,” the Captain answers as Labaguette squints his eyes looking at the man standing on some sort of ship.

To be continued…


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