Jimmy scratches his head and rolls his eyes to the ceiling.  A moan is heard coming from the back of the bus and Labaguette flies to check it out only to come back at once all flustered:

“Capitaine, Capitaine!  The King iz sound asleep on ze back seat.”

The Captain, in no time, towers over the King who is wrapped in his king blue coat and sound asleep.

“You know that royal man?” Jimmy asks.

“He’s my prisoner,” the Captain says.

“Not as long as he’s a passenger on this bus,” Jimmy says, his job running in his blood, thick and pumping, “I must ensure his safety at all times, this is my main guideline.”

“Why is he here?” Labaguette inquires.

“Now unless you take that knife from under my throat the bus brigade is going to get you and you can say good-bye to your bloody ship,” Jimmy says to the Captain who moves from one spot to the next without much of a thought or time to take his breath.

Then seven or eight powerful beams of light blind them all.  Captain Traumatic drops his knife as he brings his hands to his ill placed eyes.

“Yes, why is the King here?” the Captain continues.

“The Acrobat brought him here.  The King’s lucky”.

“You mean the Doctor?”

“Huh?  No, the Acrobat.  Fuck! where do you guys come from?  Why is it that you know so little about buses, Jimmy’s Town and Acrobats?”

“We’re lost,” Labaguette says.

“Enlighten us,” the Captain, an erudite pirate of a new kind, says to Jimmy.

To be continued…


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