“The Acrobat is a living God,” Jimmy begins, seeking some elusive truce, “there’s only one I know of.  His moves are so fast that he sometimes appears in two places or more at the same time but there’s only one of him, he’s just that fast…  He travels on a rope, always catching and retrieving objects and creatures that are inadvertently falling through the sky.  Not everyone gets caught, unfortunately, because the Acrobat isn’t really a God, even if he’s been around since the beginning of times.

“Who’s in charge exactly?  God or the Acrobat?” the King asks.

“The Acrobat organises synchronicity in the Universe.  As to God, no one really knows.  He’s never appeared on stage.  He might be shy.”

“What does the Acrobat looks like?” Labaguette asks.

“He’s one hell of an ugly monkey,” the King retorts.

“He’s ugly but he saved your life, yeah?” the Captain says.

“A fucking ugly God?  Is that possible?” Labaguette continues.

“Oh, you fucking vain bird of pride…” the Captain adds, ready to twist Labaguette’s neck if he could catch the damned bird, “is the Acrobat a God or not?”

“He’s the next best thing to a God if there’s one,“ Jimmy tells the interested small group, “the Acrobat takes the shape of a monkey, any monkey, one day orang-utan, another day, chimpanzee, yellow-tail, you get the picture.  He chooses his appearance, but of the monkey breed he remains at all times.

To be continued…


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