The King happened to be there at the right time and at the right place when the Acrobat snatched him and deposited him on top of my bus.  He didn’t keep the King to collect him, for the Acrobat is known to collect the odd item, but a King is too dangerous an item to be kept and the Acrobat had to release the King for fear an army might be released and there’s nothing worse than an army creating havoc in the universe.  It’s bad Karma.”

“Karma, huh?  Is that what you call Fur Coat?” the Captain asks.

Jimmy has a blank look on his face.  Who the fuck is that pirate?

“Capitaine, Karma is to the Universe what Traumatic is to your name,” Labaguette answers.

Upon that, Jimmy feels as if these passengers might all be in need of psychiatric assessment.  As to Labaguette, if staring could kill, he would be dead by now, no doubt.  But he’s the Captain’s voice, even if sporadic, the one that the Captain can’t and doesn’t want to listen to, as clever as it might be, at times.

“The Acrobat cannot be caught as his presence is required everywhere at once, most of the time,” Jimmy continues.  “He does have enemies for his cave is full of items he’s stolen and collected.  He is not known to die, else items would stop being saved or stolen.”

“Well, where’s the Doctor now?”  Labaguette asks, “surely he didn’t abandon a King just like that?”

To be continued…


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