“I wouldn’t put it that way if I were you.  In reality, it’s because he and his phone box chose to reject me.  You see, his magic silver stick had a bug in it – as the Doctor called it – which probably came from having produced too much Rum as I’d requested it.  The phone box got flooded with it whilst the Doctor felt inexplicably dizzy.  It was unstoppable.  According to him, it was worse than an alien invasion and despite his dire need to understand about Fur Coat and my connection with my She-planet, as he called it, he felt that he had no choice but to flush me out as he had lost the control of his silver stick and of his phone box.”

“He opened his door and pressed the flush button just like that?” Jimmy asks.

“Just like that.”

“Like excrement? Ha!” Labaguette interjects, “fancy the Acrobat catching you as shit, that was fortunate.”

“I’m a King, my life is meant to be fortunate.”

“Well folks,” Jimmy continues, “I’m going to take you to our bus depot and we might be able to fix both: ship and bus.  However, there’s a cost because my bus is damaged and I need to justify the expense to the manager or else I’ll get fired.”

“But it was your fault,” the Captain says, “you failed to see us, we don’t owe you anything.”

“Ah but you see, buses always have right of way over any other vehicles that come our way.  This is in the guidelines too.”

To be continued…


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