“And I rule my world as well as others,” the King adds.

“And I rule my ship and no one rules over me,” the Captain continues.

“Fuck the guidelines, we’re fucked anyway,” Labaguette says.

Now the King walks to the front of the bus, precisely where it has encrusted into the Insatiable Princess.  He takes out the Doctor’s silver stick from his blue coat and fixes both: the bus and the ship, just like that.

For a while, there’s a stunned silence as the passengers take stock and begin to understand the importance of having a King on board.  The Captain is gobsmacked, in awe, yet feeling no remorse as to any unkindly feelings he might have harboured earlier.  Now there’s a King holding the power.  The Captain won’t kill the King in the near future as his ship is fixed and she might even get a rudder.

“Your Highness,” Labaguette asks, “would it be too much to ask you to endow the Insatiable Princess with a much needed rudder?  I beg you.  I’ll remain your humble servant for as long as you wish.”

Loyalty for the price of a rudder the Captain thinks.  So that’s what it takes?

And there goes the King again as he performs his newly acquired magic skills thanks to his silver stick.  Magic is power.  Power is magic, to some extent.  This time the stick’s power creates without fixing.  A rudder is added to the Insatiable Princess.  She’s almost never looked so polished, elegant and finished.  She would even look proud if only she would to talk.  Not this time.

To be continued…


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