“Where do your passengers travel to and from?”

“To school, work and back.”

“So where’s school, work and home?” the Captain insists.

“Well, there’s the School planet, there’s the Work planet and—”

“—and home is the Home planet,” concludes Labaguette.

“Home is Jimmy’s Town.”

“Isn’t Jimmy’s Town a giant bus depot?” the King inquires.

“It is.  You’ll see for yourselves, we’ll soon be there.”

“I didn’t see any School planet or a Work one on the way,” the King comments.

“They’re hidden.  It’s for security reasons, for privacy.  Everyone is very protective of their lives.  You don’t want your school, work or home address to fall into the wrong hands.”

“I know I’m hell bent on getting hold of rum delivering ships, but do I look dangerous to you?” the Captain, asks, interested.

Now Labaguette can’t help a sneer but the Captain’s sword threatens to cut him up.

“As I said: security.  Like you, lot.  You’re a threat.  You came out of nowhere and crossed my path,” Jimmy says.

“Even I, a King?”

“Especially you; you are a political being.”

“For the same reasons as the the Syck Monkey left you on top of this bus,” the Captain retorts.

“But I’m no threat” Labaguette says, “I’m a bird.”

“The whole lot of you, I said,” Jimmy adds, lighting up a cigarette as they slowly enter Jimmy’s town – a gigantic criss-cross of pathways and roads made of yellow buses, warehouses.  There are no houses to be seen.

“I see no homes,” the King remarks, “only shadows.”

To be continued…


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