“Will you introduce me to your family?” the King attempts as Labaguette whispers in his Master’s ear: “Jimmy doesn’t like to meet people, he’s a loner, he loves the secluded life.”

“I can’t have you in,” Jimmy says, “you know that.”

“I’m insulted,” the King answers, a ferocious dark light shimmering in his eyes.

“I’ll leave my sword in your bus if you’ll take me to your family,” the Captain continues.

“I won’t talk,” Labaguette adds.

“And I’ll treat your family as if they were royalty,” the King finishes.


The air becomes thick with heavy breathing, dark looks.  Weapons are grabbed, the end of one world is near.  The King, Captain Traumatic and Labaguette surround Jimmy, threatening.

As fate has it, a mighty thump is heard as something heavy has just crashed onto the Insatiable Princess’ deck and already, the ship is leaning on its side.

“My Princess!  My beloved Princess!” the Captain exclaims, rushing out to care for his ship.

Now there’s a crowd leaning over something lying over this ship’s deck that is covered by a cape.  But an object it is not.  Suspicious, Captain Traumatic pokes at it with his sword.

“It’s breathing, it’s alive, it’s unconscious,” the King says, as Labaguette takes a corner of the cape into his beak and lifts it.  Already, they’re holding on tightly to anything they can or else they might soon fall into the vast Universe as the Insatiable Princess is tipping dangerously over its side.

“THE… THE SYCK MONKEY!” the King yells.

“The Acrobat!” Jimmy exclaims.

To be continued…


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