Here is the Insatiable Princess, that indomitable spirit, caught in the tangle of a web and once you’re caught like that, you can’t stop thinking of the giants spiders who’ll eat you alive, stomach contents first, eye balls last.  But first things first: at least, the falling has stopped.

The Insatiable Princess and its crew are caught.  As they bounce, the web sticks to them and brings them back, and then again, it stretches back and forth numerous times until the elasticity of the web’s design has all but receded into its threads.

Now the crew is free to walk again and look around.

“Fuck!  Look ahead!” Labaguette yells, “zere is ze goddamn monkey!”

The King, the Captain watch as the Syck Monkey too looks glued to the giant web.  He isn’t just glued, he is tied to it and he is not alone: there is a multitude of objects and creatures a go-go glued to the web as other, barely discernible creatures scurry around, busily carrying away anything caught or eating them, dead or alive, object or creature.

“Where’s Jimmy?” the King asks in a panic.  Then he takes out the stolen stick and, without further ado, begins to melt the strings that tie the Syck Monkey to the web’s sticky thread.

“Why free him?” Labaguette asks.

The King ignores him and continues his task.  Each time one string is destroyed, the Monkey takes one step forward towards the ship.

To be continued…


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