“That way,” the Captain muses, “when the Monkey gets aboard, we might be able to barter.”

“We could trade the Insatiable Princess!” Labaguette suggests.

One look is sufficient for Labaguette to fly off and perch on the King’s shoulder.

And in Labaguette’s mind, there’s no doubt that the Captain’s madness has increased since he got extra brain power.

“What if he collects us for his grotto as his private treasures?” Labaguette tries.

“You stick to your new Master from now on,” the Captain retorts.

And for once, Labaguette is lost for words, the sting of the Captain’s remark penetrating deep inside him.  He knows his place even if sometimes, his words are those of a fool.  Words, words, words… An over-sensitive pirate, that’s what the Captain is becoming.

Now Labaguette hides in the cabin and won’t come out.  It’s been a long time since the Captain felt such satisfaction.

Now the freed Syck Monkey has reached the ship, climbs it as he only knows how to climb anything and settles onto the lookout at mid-mast so he can contemplate whatever it is he’s used to contemplate.

“Ahoy!” the King attempts, “can you talk?  Do you have a voice?”

“That’s my ship!” the Captain yells, “come down here and let me know what you’re made of!”

But for the Syck Monkey, silence is power and he turns his back, bringing his hand to his eyebrow as if to shield his eyes from the darkness of the skies.

“YO!  Dude!” Labaguette calls out, after he reappears, curious and unable to ignore what is happening on deck.

“Is that French?” the King asks, turning to the Captain.

“Must be,” the Captain answers.

To be continued…


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