“Fate?  My ship, the ‘Insatiable Princess’, has all the control over my fate” the Captain says, “she brought us here by wandering aimlessly and if that’s not fate then I don’t know what it is.”

“Fate has turned to stone.  He is a coward in need of a new rope.  Without it, there’s no hope,” the spider says.

“Fuck.  What kind of riddle is that?” the Captain asks.

“It’s to do with the Syck Monkey,” the King answers, confident.

The Syck Monkey and Labaguette are brought down a long, strong thread weaved from far, far above.  They’re heavy.  They’re lowered onto the deck, becoming heavier and heavier as they reach the deck, the Syck Monkey’s eyes unblinking but alive, his stare beaming into the darkness.  He takes turns to look into the eyes of the Captain, moving to the King, the Spiders and again, blinding them.  Labaguette’s eyes are closed, his eyelids are made of stone.

And once more, the Insatiable Princess begins to tip forward, the weight of the Sick Monkey-turned-to-stone on her deck, being more than she can bear.

“We’re going to fall again!” the Captain warns.

The spiders try and lift the Syck Monkey, but to no avail.

“That’s what it is,” the Captain utters, “the weight of destiny, it can’t be carried, it can’t be shifted.”

“Silence!” the fat spider orders.

“The Syck Monkey’s load is too much for anyone or anything to bear; he carries the Universe’s past disasters, its looming present and unfathomable future, that’s what I mean,” the Captain insists, “we’re going to fall again.”

“Bring on the bosonic thread!” the fat spider commands its soldiers, not to be outdone.

To be continued…©


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