Now the Syck Monkey-made-of-heavy-stone is caught and tied in a barely noticeable net that lifts him off the ship’s deck and hangs just a little above it, held by two strings attached to a remote location that can’t be seen.

“That’ll do,” the leader says.

The Captain and the King are tied up and brought far from the Insatiable Princess, her destiny hanging just a few centimetres above deck.

They are brought onto a dark planet seemingly made of strings, threads and ropes of all kinds.  Some are made of silk, some are made of steel, some are short, some are long, some are large and some are so thin you can’t see them.  From the depth of the planet, a deep sound, that of a heartbeat can be heard and felt through the threaded grounds.

And now the creatures-spiders bring their victims-to-be before the seamstress of their world, a thick, mingling and weaving kind of a world, so entangled upon itself that light can’t get through it.

“Bow to our queen!” a spider says as they are led into a large room defined by the threads around it.  An old woman with a thousand wrinkles is sitting on a wiry stool, weaving threads that spread in all directions.  It is impossible to tell if there’s any furniture around for the webs and strings cover all.  Her small, sparkly eyes shine on an otherwise extinguished, bland, greyish face covered by long, long, long hair as thick and strong as steel.  Her entire being, from head to toe, shoulder to finger tips, is drowned in it as the tough hair falls all around her into a long trail of strings that drop, drop, drop into the emptiness, forever reaching out for and extending into the unknown.

To be continued…©


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