“I can help you find your way again,” the old woman continues, “but first, you must do as I say: you must accomplish a mission and re-establish balance in the Universe to help me rebuild what was lost.  I need to get control over the thread making business again.”

“Ma’am,” the Captain says, “it seems to me as if you’re in charge, as if you know what you’re doing, you don’t need us.”

“My spinners here will get you down there.”

“Your spinners?  Where?”

Beside the old woman stand several fat, very fat spiders all made of thread with only arms and legs protruding.  There’s no telling what their faces might look like in that tangle, should they have any.

“Where?” the King reiterates.

“Silence!” she commands once more, “You’ve been brought here for a reason.  You will break the spell that keeps me bound to an unfortunate destiny or you will die.”

“Your Majesty,” the King says, cautious and bowing, “all we want is to get home and be left in peace.  It’s just that someone or something is stopping us, call it fate, and if you don’t call that a bad spell cast upon us too then I don’t know what else to call it,” the King insists.

“It’s hopeless,” the Captain whispers.

To be continued…©

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