“All right,” says the Captain, “time may be of the essence.  Why should I care?”

“You’re going to find the recipe for new types of thread, including ropes, to end my spell on this Kingdom; one where I’ll regain the lost years I’ve spent weaving, weaving and weaving without knowing why or what for any more.”

“What’s in it for us?” the Captain dares.

“Find the recipes or die,” she says.

“And if we succeed, you’ll give us back our freedom?”

“With the recipes, you’ll recover my original name and bring it back to me.  Then, I’ll consider rewarding you.”

“You forgot your name, you’ll forget to reward us” the King says.

“Do you know who you are?” the Captain continues as Spinostress, a hateful and vengeful witch at best, once again snaps her finger and threads attach themselves to the Captain’s ankles, lifting him up in the air and pulling him up upside down.

“You must find out my real name for me.  You’ll find it down below there, on the planet of Books.  You’ll attend to that planet and tidy it up.  You will find the recipe for the thread together with my real name and bring them back to me.”

“I’m getting a headache” the Captain says.

“A clue would go a long way to—“

“—you’ll find the threads’ recipes in one book entitled ‘the thread of all-things-that-matter’.  By reading all the books you’ll be able to find the one & only recipe that will save us all.”

To be continued…©


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