“Is the recipe in one book or in all of them?  Your word is vague,” the King retorts.

“I can’t read,” the Captain says.

“You’ll find a way,” Spinostress replies as she lets go of the Captain’s ankles.

“I repeat for the last time: do you know how the Monkey broke his rope?”

“Does it matter?” the Captain asks.

“How many books?” the King insists.

“Go spin!” Spinostress commands.

Now, the King and the Captain are being spun at high speed by the weaving queen’s spinners.  Now, they’re reels of thread unravelling down, down, down at tremendous speed until they reach the planet of Books.  It has taken at least a week in earth counted days to get down to their destination and when they reach it, they are sound asleep.  The constant whispering of unrelated words and sentences hovering and lingering in the air wake them up.  They’re on the planet of Books, where only written words matter.  The spiders, with one sharp movement of one of their front paws, cut the ties that hold the King and the Captain and disappear back up into the darkness.  Captain Traumatic and King Krackskull are greeted by a giant, hooded creature wearing a long cape carrying a lantern.

“Welcome,” the creature musters almost inaudibly as he leads them along a corridor with unending shelves of books.  “I’m Spinostress’ humble servant.  I will help you.”

“I can’t read,” the Captain says.

“This planet looks rather large,” the King states.

“The Planet extends continuously as books are written.  Each time a writer, anywhere in the Universe writes a book, we get a true copy of the original, signed by the Lord of Books himself.  All books contain recipes for something, one way or another.  You must follow your instinct to seek what you must find.


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