“Listen!” the Captain orders as the King’s sword intends to pierce his throat.

You may be written all over pages,” the whispering words continue, “but you’re not carved in stone: for every ‘yes’ word that can be found, there’s a matching ‘no’ to contradict and annihilate.  The worse contradictions can only be found in written words.  You’re a meaningless, pretentious bunch!

“I beg you to listen,” the Captain insists, the King now hesitant to kill.

And before a might-be-friend is mercilessly maimed and slain, King Krackskull listens to words he doesn’t recognise as those of the Captain.

The corridor is darker than ever as thick black dust emanating from embattled written and whispering words fills every particle of air within close vicinity and expands beyond.  The books on the shelves are sending their pages to battle as reinforcement from whispering words is coming from all directions.  The King, understanding he must listen to his own inner chit-chat, beyond written and spoken words, draws the Doctor’s stick.  Words recede in the background, taken aback by the sheer force of the tiny light ray.

The only way out of this war zone is up, he reckons.  Captain Traumatic and King Krackskull start to climb the unending book shelves.  As they go up, up, up, the King pierces through books and stacks them to his sword as they continue to climb until they find a platform to rest.  They’re above the cloud of wordy dust.  They can still hear lingering murmurs:

We’re powerful, we’re the chosen ones…” some say, “give in or die,” others carry on in a never ending bid to decimate each other’s power.

“Here,” the King asks the Captain, “scan these will you?”

To be continued…©



There, the King and the Captain have started yet another battle, a deadly one this time, as flocks of flying written words descend upon spoken words striking, kicking and howling.

Die! Be gone! Go and never come back!” the sheets of written words say as they wrap themselves around the whispering word like tentacles upon their prey.

Have mercy on us” the whispering words suggest, “we’re merely your cousins”, they maintain.

You betrayed us, you abandoned us for fear you’d lose meaning because you were stuck on pages that would never be read,” the written words accuse.

You’re a jealous bunch,” the spoken words reply, “you loathe our freedom and envy our power.

We’re the chosen ones,” the written words say, “you impose your views to anyone that comes your way, it is against the rules.”

What rules?

The rules of written words; those created by the Lord of Books.

You are mistaken, we are no longer written words, we removed the shackles that kept us bound to books generations ago; we are free.  We have pledged allegiance to the Lord of Free Speech.”

“The Lord of Free Speech is also that of Politics, Chaos and War.”

“You’re conceited.”

You use creatures of the Universe and influence them with your snide remarks.  You take freedom away from creatures by instilling in them a code of conduct that you devised without any consideration for their freewill, just to manipulate and control.  You hypnotise and convince only to watch and observe and then gossip and repeat.  You’re simply evil.”

But the Captain’s eyes are revolving and transmitting fast to his second brain that all is not what it seems and that his fight with the King must be stopped at all costs.

To be continued…©


Past the Netroxion galaxy, the X-Quasar beyond and the hole of lost suns, there is a blue, white and round familiar planet: earth.  The Captain knows how to get there from anywhere.  He knows at all times where home is; a blessing in disguise: Who, what is going to take him there?  When?  The King at his side, being a king born to rule none, can’t be counted on.

But what is the point?  A new world of possibilities has opened for the Captain but he finds he can’t use any of it.  To think that he could make a fortune out of the Rum trade now that he knows the entire map of everywhere there is to go, of all the roads, of all the pathways, anywhere… and all this thanks to his o so powerful… but shhhh…. Listen!  What’s that sound?

You’re a brave man,” a voice says, “you could command your friend and subject him to your will,” they both hear hushed into their ears.

Now the King and the Captain glance at each other, unsure.

Draw your sword!  Now!  Do it before he does!” the voice continues.

Such is the power of the whispering words: mesmerising, mighty, deadly.

They are caught unaware. The fight that takes place is unfair, unequal and brought on by spoken words they ought not to have listened to.  Such is the power of universal gossip: heard and listened to by all, understood by no one.

To be continued…©


“What for?  We can’t get out of here.”

“I know how to get home now; I know how to get you back to your planet.  I know where every planet, moon and sun can be found.  I’ve got a three dimensional picture of a multitude of universes that expand continuously.  I’m a walking encyclopaedia, I’m a genious, I’m a GPS, I’m a—”

“—Give me a break, will you?’  You’re a fool.  We’re walking through an illusion.  It’s a nightmare and you think you can get us out of here?”

“Were you self-made or were you born King?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Was your father a King?”

“I was the only person living on my planet.  I was the only King.”

“How could you possibly know you were King?

“I’ve always worn a crown.”

“Yeah? What about before?”

“Before what?”

“As a child?”

“There was no before.”

Silence.  The Captain is tired, so very tired.  Not understanding tires him out.  That’s because his brain needs rewiring fast.  He wants to and must understand everything or else…  Else what, he thinks, this is absurd.  Besides, who is that King travelling with him?  Sometimes friend, sometimes foe, why is he so changeable in nature?  Why the memory loss?  Maybe, he thinks, it is simply that this is a shitty Universe.

To be continued…©


Lost in the center of wholesomeness and total annihilation, a King and a Captain are getting accustomed to the turns, twists and hard knocks of any world they come upon and this world is one of unending book shelves, paper, cardboard and long, narrow corridors.  They keep walking.  Walk, walk, walk.  What might their fate hold now? Can you call that fate anyway? Or is it part of their freewill?  They wish with all their might, they regret what is worth regretting.  They feel compelled to look ahead at every step they take.  Is it worth moving forward? Is there a plan to be had? Is there a way out of here? Is there? Is there? Is there?

As time goes by and as they wander through the dark maze not knowing what should be read or what should be done, Captain Traumatic draws his sword and plants it randomly in a book near him:

“I enjoy this reading activity,” the Captain says.

“A waste of time,” the King retorts.

“The least you could do is to try.”  And upon these words, the Captain picks several books that all get pinned to his sword.

“You’ve no respect.”

But the Captain is eager to see what the titles he holds in his hands are:

“The Book of nightmares, the Book of illusions, the Book planets,” he reads out.

“We’re beyond these,” the King says.


“We’re living through one, none of this can be true and we’ve covered more planets than most.”

But the Captain is scanning the Book of planets.

“Got plenty of addresses now,” he says.

To be continued…©


Somewhere in the Universe, in the dark corridors of time and space where all the knowledge is concentrated on one big planet as large as many giant stars amalgamated together, a King and a Captain are fighting with all their might until exhaustion has the better of them as they honour their emerging friendship.  They fight on and on and on as books of all kinds fall from their shelves, as pages are shredded, as precious book covers lose their titles and as words lose their meaning until eventually, the two friends fall asleep.

Upon waking, the Captain picks up the open book lying on top of him and uses his inner scan.

“WHAT YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU READ ANY OTHER BOOKS HERE” his brain scans and as he reads the words out loud.

“Firstly,” he continues, “beware the spoken words the winds bring here; pay heed to the whispered words, they mislead, ill-treat and confuse until you are led astray.  Follow only the wisdom of the written words and when you come to the ‘Book of Lies’ follow its reverse wisdom.  If in doubt, consult me again.  If you need me but can’t find me, whisper my name and I’ll be here to help you.”

“What’s its name?” the King asks.

“I can’t find it, it doesn’t say.”

“Show me the damned book.”

And upon a King’s ‘damned’ word, the book disappears.

“You insulted the book,” the Captain says, “and it just left.”

“This place is one hell of a riddle; we’ll never get out of here.”

To be continued…©


“It’s to do with living in the dark, just like the bus drivers in Jimmy’s Town, with them living in the shadows.”

Now the Captain and the King look at the creature with a blank look.

“The bus drivers drive the yellow buses back and forth following specific roads indicated to them, according to the Master Plan,” the creature says, “the same applies to ethics; one follows the given ethics according to the Master Plan.”

“Master Plan?” the King, utters incredulous ,“what Master Plan?”

“Now you see how your questions will lead to more questions?” the creature says, “let us get started with the books, shall we?”

“With Master Plan comes Master Planner.  When can we get to know him?” the Captain continues.

“HUSH!” the creature thunders, “No one ever speaks of her, her name must never be uttered even with the faintest whisper or you’ll be condemned to becoming a dot on my arm.”

“Yeah, I get it,” the Captain says, “something to do with your fucking code of ethics!”

Sometimes Kings and Captains think alike.  One look from the Captain to the King and back is enough for them to draw their swords and threaten the creature.

“You might not like what you’ll find”, the creature says before laughing at them and disappearing in a puff of smoke.

“I’ve been dreaming of a good fight,” the Captain says, a desperate hint flickering in his eyes, “but all there is in this Universe are escapists and cowards.”

“Be my guest,” the King answers, as they draw swords for the sake of a good fight between them.

To be continued…©