“Send me back to my ship, I’m of no use here,” the Captain insists.

“I’ve seen your type before,” the hooded creature says, “you’ve been embedded with a cross-genetic mutation, you’ve been given a second brain and you don’t know how to use which is a sign that you met the Doctor.  If you couldn’t read, count or feel, now you can.  Use your inner scan.”

“What would you know about it?” the Captain retorts,

“I’ve read all the books.”

“Well then, you know the answer to Spinotress’ questions.”

“I’m bound by this planet’s code of ethics.”

“For fuck’s sake,” the Captain exclaims, “why would a goddamned code of ethics hold the entire fate of the entire Universe?  Aren’t you prepared to die for your queen and help things move along?” the Captain inquires, “besides, I might just scan your brains.”

“My brain isn’t a book,” the creature says.

“As Spinostress’ humble servant, I command you to reveal the list of books that will help us!” the King orders.

“The code of ethics is imprinted on me, see these markings?” the creature says proudly displaying his arm covered with tiny dark spots, “if I revealed but one word of what I know, I would disintegrate instantly and you’ll be lost on this planet forever.  All hope would be lost.”

“Why is it so complicated?  Why the need for a code of ethics?  What’s ethics got to do with it when all we need is a little hope?

To be continued…©


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