“It’s to do with living in the dark, just like the bus drivers in Jimmy’s Town, with them living in the shadows.”

Now the Captain and the King look at the creature with a blank look.

“The bus drivers drive the yellow buses back and forth following specific roads indicated to them, according to the Master Plan,” the creature says, “the same applies to ethics; one follows the given ethics according to the Master Plan.”

“Master Plan?” the King, utters incredulous ,“what Master Plan?”

“Now you see how your questions will lead to more questions?” the creature says, “let us get started with the books, shall we?”

“With Master Plan comes Master Planner.  When can we get to know him?” the Captain continues.

“HUSH!” the creature thunders, “No one ever speaks of her, her name must never be uttered even with the faintest whisper or you’ll be condemned to becoming a dot on my arm.”

“Yeah, I get it,” the Captain says, “something to do with your fucking code of ethics!”

Sometimes Kings and Captains think alike.  One look from the Captain to the King and back is enough for them to draw their swords and threaten the creature.

“You might not like what you’ll find”, the creature says before laughing at them and disappearing in a puff of smoke.

“I’ve been dreaming of a good fight,” the Captain says, a desperate hint flickering in his eyes, “but all there is in this Universe are escapists and cowards.”

“Be my guest,” the King answers, as they draw swords for the sake of a good fight between them.

To be continued…©


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