Somewhere in the Universe, in the dark corridors of time and space where all the knowledge is concentrated on one big planet as large as many giant stars amalgamated together, a King and a Captain are fighting with all their might until exhaustion has the better of them as they honour their emerging friendship.  They fight on and on and on as books of all kinds fall from their shelves, as pages are shredded, as precious book covers lose their titles and as words lose their meaning until eventually, the two friends fall asleep.

Upon waking, the Captain picks up the open book lying on top of him and uses his inner scan.

“WHAT YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE YOU READ ANY OTHER BOOKS HERE” his brain scans and as he reads the words out loud.

“Firstly,” he continues, “beware the spoken words the winds bring here; pay heed to the whispered words, they mislead, ill-treat and confuse until you are led astray.  Follow only the wisdom of the written words and when you come to the ‘Book of Lies’ follow its reverse wisdom.  If in doubt, consult me again.  If you need me but can’t find me, whisper my name and I’ll be here to help you.”

“What’s its name?” the King asks.

“I can’t find it, it doesn’t say.”

“Show me the damned book.”

And upon a King’s ‘damned’ word, the book disappears.

“You insulted the book,” the Captain says, “and it just left.”

“This place is one hell of a riddle; we’ll never get out of here.”

To be continued…©


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