Lost in the center of wholesomeness and total annihilation, a King and a Captain are getting accustomed to the turns, twists and hard knocks of any world they come upon and this world is one of unending book shelves, paper, cardboard and long, narrow corridors.  They keep walking.  Walk, walk, walk.  What might their fate hold now? Can you call that fate anyway? Or is it part of their freewill?  They wish with all their might, they regret what is worth regretting.  They feel compelled to look ahead at every step they take.  Is it worth moving forward? Is there a plan to be had? Is there a way out of here? Is there? Is there? Is there?

As time goes by and as they wander through the dark maze not knowing what should be read or what should be done, Captain Traumatic draws his sword and plants it randomly in a book near him:

“I enjoy this reading activity,” the Captain says.

“A waste of time,” the King retorts.

“The least you could do is to try.”  And upon these words, the Captain picks several books that all get pinned to his sword.

“You’ve no respect.”

But the Captain is eager to see what the titles he holds in his hands are:

“The Book of nightmares, the Book of illusions, the Book planets,” he reads out.

“We’re beyond these,” the King says.


“We’re living through one, none of this can be true and we’ve covered more planets than most.”

But the Captain is scanning the Book of planets.

“Got plenty of addresses now,” he says.

To be continued…©


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