“What for?  We can’t get out of here.”

“I know how to get home now; I know how to get you back to your planet.  I know where every planet, moon and sun can be found.  I’ve got a three dimensional picture of a multitude of universes that expand continuously.  I’m a walking encyclopaedia, I’m a genious, I’m a GPS, I’m a—”

“—Give me a break, will you?’  You’re a fool.  We’re walking through an illusion.  It’s a nightmare and you think you can get us out of here?”

“Were you self-made or were you born King?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Was your father a King?”

“I was the only person living on my planet.  I was the only King.”

“How could you possibly know you were King?

“I’ve always worn a crown.”

“Yeah? What about before?”

“Before what?”

“As a child?”

“There was no before.”

Silence.  The Captain is tired, so very tired.  Not understanding tires him out.  That’s because his brain needs rewiring fast.  He wants to and must understand everything or else…  Else what, he thinks, this is absurd.  Besides, who is that King travelling with him?  Sometimes friend, sometimes foe, why is he so changeable in nature?  Why the memory loss?  Maybe, he thinks, it is simply that this is a shitty Universe.

To be continued…©


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