Past the Netroxion galaxy, the X-Quasar beyond and the hole of lost suns, there is a blue, white and round familiar planet: earth.  The Captain knows how to get there from anywhere.  He knows at all times where home is; a blessing in disguise: Who, what is going to take him there?  When?  The King at his side, being a king born to rule none, can’t be counted on.

But what is the point?  A new world of possibilities has opened for the Captain but he finds he can’t use any of it.  To think that he could make a fortune out of the Rum trade now that he knows the entire map of everywhere there is to go, of all the roads, of all the pathways, anywhere… and all this thanks to his o so powerful… but shhhh…. Listen!  What’s that sound?

You’re a brave man,” a voice says, “you could command your friend and subject him to your will,” they both hear hushed into their ears.

Now the King and the Captain glance at each other, unsure.

Draw your sword!  Now!  Do it before he does!” the voice continues.

Such is the power of the whispering words: mesmerising, mighty, deadly.

They are caught unaware. The fight that takes place is unfair, unequal and brought on by spoken words they ought not to have listened to.  Such is the power of universal gossip: heard and listened to by all, understood by no one.

To be continued…©


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