There, the King and the Captain have started yet another battle, a deadly one this time, as flocks of flying written words descend upon spoken words striking, kicking and howling.

Die! Be gone! Go and never come back!” the sheets of written words say as they wrap themselves around the whispering word like tentacles upon their prey.

Have mercy on us” the whispering words suggest, “we’re merely your cousins”, they maintain.

You betrayed us, you abandoned us for fear you’d lose meaning because you were stuck on pages that would never be read,” the written words accuse.

You’re a jealous bunch,” the spoken words reply, “you loathe our freedom and envy our power.

We’re the chosen ones,” the written words say, “you impose your views to anyone that comes your way, it is against the rules.”

What rules?

The rules of written words; those created by the Lord of Books.

You are mistaken, we are no longer written words, we removed the shackles that kept us bound to books generations ago; we are free.  We have pledged allegiance to the Lord of Free Speech.”

“The Lord of Free Speech is also that of Politics, Chaos and War.”

“You’re conceited.”

You use creatures of the Universe and influence them with your snide remarks.  You take freedom away from creatures by instilling in them a code of conduct that you devised without any consideration for their freewill, just to manipulate and control.  You hypnotise and convince only to watch and observe and then gossip and repeat.  You’re simply evil.”

But the Captain’s eyes are revolving and transmitting fast to his second brain that all is not what it seems and that his fight with the King must be stopped at all costs.

To be continued…©


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