Then there is a tremor and the ground begins to shake.  Written words come out of books in drones and spoken words come out of their hiding to congregate for an attack.  Soon, the three friends are surrounded by an ominous darkness and this time there’s no way out.

“It never crossed my mind, not even once, that words would have the better of me,” the King whispers, an air of utter defeat etched on his face.

“None of them made it back to where they belong,” the Captain explains, “spoken words had no place to go and felt trapped as invisible matter, written words went back to the wrong pages, pages went back to the wrong books, books went back to the wrong shelves and the shelves couldn’t but react and reject the entire new set of chaotic rules, that’s what.”

“Librarians!” the King exclaims.


“The book with no name, it’s saying: ‘Upon chaotic conditions, call upon the librarians.’

“Really?” the Captain asks, “show me.”

Once more, the Captain looks at blank pages.  Labaguette leans over to check for himself.

“What appears to be written on this book only appears once and only for one person at a time, that’s what,” Labaguette says.

Lights are emanating from lanterns that are surrounding them, hiding the tall men holding them.

“You called upon us: we’re the librarians,” a voice says, “we’ve come to clean up this mess and settle this war; you’d better hide, you’ve seen nothing yet.”

To be continued…©


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