It is late.  This librarian shall not reveal any more as they prepare for battle and have turned their backs on the three friends.  The Captain, Labaguette and the King follow the lanterns’ light while falling books and collapsing shelves bruise their bodies.  Warring words of all kinds attempt to speak to them but, this time, they know better than to listen.  Ominous sounds of the planet slowly and irremediably breaking down rise from its depths and soon they might find themselves floating in empty space.  Then, the lantern’s light begins to fade.

“We’re nowhere near the damned Light House,” the Captain remarks.

Darkness surrounds them once more.

“I can see the fucking light!” Labaguette shouts from above.”

And, as the King and the Captain follow Labaguette and as battle fields seem to draw closer to them, two words, one whispered, the other written, fall by the lantern’s side, gasping for air.  Labaguette circles around them and calls out to them.

“Make yourselves known!”

“Love…” the whispered word answers.

“And who might you be?” the King asks the written word.

“This is Hate,” Love continues.

“Well how about that?” the Captain retorts sarcastically, “Love & Hate, huh?”

“What do you want from us?” the King asks, suspicious.

“Help us,” love whispers, “we’re looking for guidance, we seek to escape from this war.  We’ve been following you; we need to reach the Light House.”

“There’s no way out.  Leave us alone.  Go or die!” the King continues, drawing his sword to cut those words to pieces.

“Where is your compassion, Sir?” Love says, “Hate here with me could kill you on the spot but won’t because of me.”

To be continued…©


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