“Shut up, Labaguette!” the Captain orders.

As the King requests it, the Book with No Name orders the Book of Birds.

“You’re never going to learn to fly wit dat God dammed bird book,” Labaguette insists, out of sorts, “it’s a scam; you’d better not try.  You don’t have any feaders and your size—“

“—ZIP IT, LABAGUETTE!” the Captain yells.

“What do you expect from us in return?” the King asks Love & Hate.

“Don’t listen to the King!” Labaguette continues, “dis is a King who can’t keep promizis because—“

One hand dexterously snaps Labaguette’s beak, and keeps it shut.

“Told you to shut it,” the Captain says.

“We want to live on Harmony,” Hate & Love answer.

“’In’ harmony, it’s ‘in harmony’” the King replies.”

“We mean on planet Harmony.”

The King and the Captain’s gaze meet, puzzled, doubting once more.

“There’s no such planet,” the King retorts.

“It doesn’t exist but I know where it will be,” the Captain intervenes, “they’ll create it when they—”

“Ha, ha, ha,” Labaguette, who has freed himself from the Captain’s grip, says, “two fucking words fucking, who would have thought?”

But the two words won’t be talked about in this way.  They hover above Labaguette for a while as he tries to avoid them when they swiftly settle on each of its wings and stick to them.

“Get off!” Labaguette yells.

It’s too late; the two words are fixed onto Labaguette’s wings until such time as they decide to abandon their vehicle.

To be continued…©


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